Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little bit of our Filipino life: Swimming Time!!

U.S. Countdown
7 days

With the 90 degree days, and the extremely high humidity, swimming is the favorite past time of almost ANY Filipino. However the rules of swimming are MUCH different than in the states.
Here, of course, there are no pools. So everyone pretty much swims....wherever they can find water and the kids their birthday suits. It was always pretty humorous, you'd just be driving down the road and all of a sudden see naked children jumping off a bridge.

As missionaries, we also enjoyed a nice swim once is awhile (of course our attire was somewhat different ;)  ) Whenever we wanted to spend the day as a team somewhere we would swim. The best part was the Brookes Point area offered NUMEROUS locations to swim. Sometimes, they involved waterfalls, sometimes hot springs, and sometimes cliffs. But either way, we always had alot of fun together swimming. Definitely makes the day seem a little cooler.
Even Baby Haddie was a little water bug. She'd even sit in a puddle if given the chance :)

We're definitely gonna miss our random swimming adventures, among other things :(

~Me and Her


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