Saturday, April 16, 2011

A little bit of our Filipino life: Filipino Signs

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I guess you would be able to find this anywhere you go, but the Philippines has definitely made us laugh a couple times with the signs they put up in different places. Maybe its their use of English, the randomness, or their incredible BLUNTness; but we read signs almost daily that make us laugh, shake our heads and say "Only in the Philippines". Here are a couple of the signs that we've caught on camera. :)
Maybe its a mixture of the "scratch a christmas surprise" and the "handsome" young man holding it, but it made us giggle.
Random bathrooms at a boating dock.
You'd never believe that politicians have friends. But here's proof! 
We've got a philosopher in the house! lol, jk.
Translation: The person on duty is eating.
The "funny" part is this was posted outside the blood lab at the hospital while we were
DESPERATELY waiting to get some blood tested so that we could give it to our dying patient.
...honestly don't remember why we thought this was funny...but here it is!
They really get your adrenaline pumping!
Most CLEVER name of a donut shop. Hands DOWN!
Yeah, pretty sure this would be ILLEGAL in the states...but you know, you gotta have those  skinny singles working at Dunkin Donuts. I can't have your house for Memorial day weekend??
Ba, ba, ba, ba ,ba....Love Ko 'To. lol. So cute!
This is just a magazine here. But this advertisement was on billboards ALL over Manila. Looks like a nail-biter!
This is in the airport. We've seen in many times....STILL think its SOOOO CLEVER! lol.
~Me and Her


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