Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little bit of our Filipino life: Native inventions

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The Native Palaweno people are extremely creative. When we first arrived in the Philippines we learned of  a concept that describes the creativity of these people. It's called Temporary Forever. Pretty much, its when they come up with a temporary solution to what they need and they end up liking it and it stays like that. Its rather difficult to explain so...we'll just let the pictures do the talking:
One side of the handle broke on these peoples scissors.
So they just took a stick and tied it to the end.
They can't afford a bag, so they weave a basket and put some
string on it. Tada! Even if they don't have bamboo, they can just use
leaves and stems to make a basket/bag.
Even the kids are extremely creative this way. When they want to play, they
create whatever they want to play with, with whatever materials they can find.
These baby bouncers are definitely our favorite. It's basically a Sarong wrapped around 2 pieces of bamboo and then you hang it from the ceiling and when you pull on it, it bounces the baby. These are also very portable. Mom's bring them to church and just hang them wherever they can find space. Keeps the babies quiet so they can listen to the service.

 It's a proud day in a woman's life when she gets her first Sarong. It was definitely a proud day in our lives! Sarongs are a Filipino NECESSITY! They are literally used for everything! For example:
See, the Sarong can pretty much be used for anything imaginable. That's probably why the Filipino's like it so much, it gives you the opportunity to express your creative side!! lol.

~Me and Her


Wendy said...

LOLOL! Oh I'm dying, you guys!!! Now this one is really a classic!! HAHAHAHAHA!I can really relate. I've used a sarong for just about all of those purposes myself (except of course the last couple! ;)

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