Saturday, April 16, 2011

A little bit of our Filipino life: Ugly Animals

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12 days
Upon our arrival to the Philippines, we were quick to notice all the beauty around us. The mountains, the ocean, the palm trees; it was all SOOO different from where we came from and we felt so blessed to walk out the door every morning and see the most beautiful scenery....however, you can't have everything. Because, as we would walk outside into the gorgeous nature, we would also find some of the UGLIEST animals in the world. We remember, one of the first things our missionary friend, Danny, said to us was, "Beware. The Philippines has some of the ugliest animals in the world." And everyday we've been here, we've learned that to be true. Here are some of the pictures that we've captured.
One of the first animals we saw here, in the Philippines. This is a Filipino Skunk. Ugly AND Smelly.
This ugly, little bird was caught running through our hangar.
I'm sure Scorpions aren't pretty in ANY situation. But I think these are in the running for most Horrifyingly ugly.
Aaah...yes. The beloved mutant grasshoppers. 
This is one of the many, disgustingly, large spiders that we've come in contact with. This one isn't stretching out its legs. But when it is quite mutant looking.
These little, gross spiders are the ones that children play with.
Crippled Crab
Again, snake are never pretty....but still...
This rather LARGE insect was flying around our bathroom one night.
This was a fish that Rovelyn had bought from market for her obviously wasn't very happy.
Turkeys have some of the ugliest faces.
The Filipino Cow.
Dogs! Honestly, how can you mess up on dogs?!?!
It's not the dogs faults really, they are left outdoors by their owners and are never really fed. Female dogs are constantly reproducing and male dogs are constantly in fights. So patches of fur are always missing and their so skinny and sickly looking. Sooo sad.
Cat are the same way. Always malnourished and missing patches of fur.
The cats always have broken tails too. Like their bent in half...its weird.
So thats it for our Ugly Animals. Scenery is great, but we definitely can't wait to get back to the states where the wildlife is so much prettier.
~Me and Her


Mariel Torres said...

that little cat and skunk my just give me nightmares lol....
ahhh! i can't wait to see you bestie!! <3

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