Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little bit of our Filipino life: Charcoal Treatment

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Baby Haddie is our Charcoal Mascot. She Loves it :)
Before coming to the philippines we had heard of charcoal being used to cure sickness and infections. We, however, never tried it ourselves, and didn't think that it really had a true benefical importance. Right at the beginning, however, we realized how wrong we were about it. 
Charcoal has been an amazing gift. It's amazing to see how God can make something so unimportant as charcoal and make it a remedy for the vilest offender. There is a spiritual lesson in charcoal, but we're too lazy to elaborate. (I think you can figure it out though)
Charcoal has been a wonderful help when it comes to stomach issues. Many people here in the Philippines suffer from ulcers and stomach acidity. But our treatment, instead of the drugs, would be a couple capsules of charcoal. Also if a patient had a stomach bug, like diarrhea, they would be given charcoal tablets. 
However, the best thing when using charcoal is when you're using it on infected sores or wounds. The pictures below show some of the cases where people would have a skin infection and we would do a Charcoal poultice on it. It was so cool doing that cause you could actually see the pus being pulled out of the wound. 
We really strive to teach people these natural remedies. That way they can do things on their own without spending the costly doctor fees. Charcoal is very easy for the Palawano's the attain too, making this treatment very sensible.
This girl had a painful earsore that was infected.
Us teaching them how to prepare the poultice
Even though she looks terrified, Charcoal is a very painless intervention.

Another girl with an infected leg
This is our favorite Charcoal Story. This is Richard''s leg. We've written about him before.
Teaching Richard's mother how to prepare it.
Nomark's, Richard's Brothers, foot.

Richard's leg today.
Nomark's foot today
One, big, happy, Charcoal Family!
This lady, Sam had happen to be sitting by at a bus stop. Sam took her to the apartments where we did a poultice on her eye.
Sorry this looks so gross. But this is the pus that was draining out of the infection after the poultice. She continued the poultices every evening. :)

God is so wonderful. Giving us these natural ways to heal our bodies. We have seen with our own eyes the healing wonders of Charcoal. We will be a proud sponsor of Charcoal for the rest of our Lives.

~Me and Her


Wendy said...

Awesome! I should hire you guys to advertise charcoal to all our patients!

Jones Morris said...

It's amazing to see how God can make something so unimportant as charcoal and make it a remedy for the vilest offender. charcoal medicine

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