Thursday, September 30, 2010

Road Trip to Puerto!!

Yesterday we drove up to Puerto Princesa. Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan and is also the biggest city. Our main objective for the trip was to Renew our Visas (which is SOOO hard for us to believe that we have already been here long enough to have to RENEW our Visas...time flys...) We also had to do Major food shopping. Here is our schedule of how the day went:

4am: Wake up in Brookes Point, get dressed.
4:30am: Get in truck to begin 4 hour drive to Puerto
4:31am: Andrew (our driver) tells us there is no way we can sleep because the roads are way too rough. We try to assure him that we can sleep anywhere, to which he replies "Thats what everyone says but there is NO way anyone can sleep on the road to Puerto."
8:30am: Wake up and find out we are already in Puerto.
         Allison: Wow, that trip went really fast.
          Sam: Yeah it did.
         Andrew: Well yeah, when you're COMATOSE in the backseat I guess it would!! (LOL!)
Breakfast time!

8:45am: Eat breakfast at Hospital cafeteria.

This store literally has EVERYTHING
9:30am: Begin the Visa renewal process.
11:45am: Finally finish the Visa renewal process. (Blah!)

Loading up our goodies.
Noon: Arrive at the NCCC to begin our shopping. Note: The NCCC is like a huge grocery store, a Sam's Club, a Mall, a Fabric Store, a Walgreens, a Dick's Sporting Goods, Music store and a School House all in one. We could've spent hours in there!

Saying goodbye. :(
1pm: Say goodbye to Wendy, as she heads to Manila to start a new project in Luzon. :( We learned so much from her but now it is time for us to fly solo....

Goodbye package! Have fun in the USA
2pm: Mail our first package to the States. (Yay! We feel Sooo accomplished!)

I believe this dish was called Kung Po
2:30pm: Go to the Vegetarian Haus for lunch.

Lol. Sam trying to copy the Baker's
face. Silly Sam!
3:30pm: Hang out in the truck while Andrews shops for Auto Parts.

There are SOO many photo opportunities
in the Baker's Hill Park. It will take a
couple trips to get them all!
6:00pm: Go up to Baker's Hill to buy some UBE!! (oo-bee) Yum!  Note: Baker's Hill is a REALLY good bakery that looks over the city of Puerto. It also has a little park that you can walk through. It's alot of fun and definitely a highlight when you go to Puerto.

6:30pm: Begin the 4 hour drive back to Brookes Point.

10:30pm: Wake up and realize we're already back home. Unload the truck and go to bed.

Moral of the story: We can truly sleep ANYWHERE.

Lol, jk. It was a good day! We had alot of fun and we were blessed with safe travels there and back.  Anywho, till next time...

~Me and Her


Jessica said...

Sleep on, sistahs!

Love reading about your adventures. Blog on!

jerry said...

Thankfully you did not eat pancakes and orange juice for breakfast. how much were your visa's?

Brandan said...

Great posts! Keep it up and the pictures too. Miss you two :)

Ryan said...

Sitting at work night 3 of 4 and so exhausted. Your blog is the only thing keeping me awake right now! Miss you guys alot! I'm keeping you in my prayers. Oh yeah! Why do pancakes and orange juice together make you sick Sam??

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