Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Weekend is here!

Early morning, wake up calls.
Smile Sam!
Palawan, Philippines.
This crab was a cripple, he only had
half of his feet!
A real conch shell!

It was a usual way to end the week...Market on Friday...Friday night vespers with the missionaries, a couple of last minute sick patients before Sabbath started...However this past Friday we had a visit from a mother of 5. She had seen us two days earlier with her 3 year old, but it was decided that he should be brought to the hospital for high fever and dehydration issues. But Friday she was back again this time with her 4 month old, little girl. Holding this little girl you could tell her fever was pretty high just by feeling her head. The poor thing just cried and cried. Michel, the other missionary told us that the mom and the baby were going to sleep at her house while the son was in the hospital. We awoke the next morning and abruptly started caring for the baby. The poor girl had been awake all night crying. You could tell she was so tired, all she could do was whimper from crying so much. Michel and Sam tried out various home remedies to make the baby's fever go down. We succeeded in breaking the fever. The family was so tired; Imagine one kid in the hospital, a 4 month old sick, and we had to give them Malaria meds for another child who was fevering at home. Not only was it a great chance to try out the home remedies, but I'm sure the parents were grateful that they had the help....and taking care of a baby all day was pretty fun. The parents came back around sundown to take the baby home to get some rest. After they left, we missionaries took a quick drive to the beach to close out the Sabbath. Such a wonderful way to do it.
This is how many kids were waiting for us.
Wherever the camera pointed, there
kids would be also.
Click on pictures to enlarge.
Sam tries to quiet down the excited,
but noisy children.
Sam: "Ok, everyone! Group picture"
Allison: "Sam you do realize that
after i take this picture i'm going to
have a mob of 40 kids attack me to
see it, right?"
Sam: "Uh-huh."
The kids race to see who can be the
first one to show us the way to the
Sunday we did our children's program in Ilumnod. We had over 40 kids show up this time!!! Praise the LOrd! It went well and the kids really enjoyed it. However, the adult program started later, so after we were done with all of our activities the parents weren't ready to have their kids back. So Allison reached for her weapon of choice, the digital camera. The kids go crazy over it! We would point it in a random direction and suddenly 10 kids would appear there. They love being able to see themselves on the LCD screen after the picture is taken. It got to the point that we were being too noisy and we were disrupting the adult program so we walked down the road to the river. During the course of our walk kids were fighting over who got to hold our hands. I tell ya, if you need a self esteem booster, come over to the Philippines and hang out with the kids. :) Overall it was another productive and eventful weekend! Till next time...
Woohoo! Represtin the WI.!! And
she probably has no idea where it is
or how to pronounce it. *tear*
These kids are fearless. They plunge
into rivers, barefoot, without even
thinking about it.
~Me and Her


jerry said...

Matthew 18:3
And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

I can imagine you see this verse with more reality now.
We are so Thankful for the blessings that God is bestowing upon you.

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