Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, Sunday (Da, da. Da da-da da.)

This morning started with a bang…or to be more specific…a blood curdling scream. 
Allison woke up and went to the bathroom and as she was reaching for the toilet paper a GIANT, HUGE, HAIRY, GROSS, DISGUSTING, (did we mention GIANT?) spider popped out from behind the toilet paper roll. 

This is a picture we found on the
internet that best describes what the
spider looked like. Eew!!
Now, here in the Philippines we have gotten use to many disgusting creatures. Cockroaches use to send us running and screaming out the door. Now, we can squish them on sight. Geckos roam the house, there is no way to get rid of them, they'll pop out of anywhere and the mouse/rat that lives upstairs, we've come to terms that as long as they don't bother us we don't really care. However spiders, we've not yet gotten use to…and Massive spiders (like this one) we had never encountered till this morning. 
Allison said the spider was about
the size of her sprawled hand. This is an
illustration about how big the mutant
spider was. Again, Eew!!
Anywho, so Allison screamed the most terrifying scream and ran out of the bathroom and "safely" back into the house. 
Sam jumped from bed at the sound of the scream and ran to see if everything was okay. Allison, shaking and stuttering told her about the spider, which of course made Sam laugh. "No! This is no ordinary spider! You have to see it, its huge!" Allison said, trying to defend herself. Sam just continued to laugh, however she refused to go look at it (CHICKEN!)
Michiel and Andrew after they
saved our lives. lol.
The scream woke up our little neighborhood of missionaries and everyone came to see what had happened. Sam just laughed and told them to "Ally saw a bug" 
"Wrong! It was a Mutant spider, it was HUGE! And it jumped out at me!" Allison corrected. Since we both refused to go into the bathroom and look at it we had to beg Andrew and Michiel to come and kill the spider for us. It was disgusting. And now the-intensive-bathroom-checks-before-we-can-even-walk-inside begin again…*sigh*…
Lookin' a little pasty,

In the afternoon we headed to Imulnod for our children's program. Today, Andrew, Monica, Marcita, and Nini had nothing to do so they came along with us. On our way there we pick up a family of 12. Yesterday, they had invited some friends so there were 17 of them. So we had to fit 25 people in our Toyota Hilux. We decided  to give up our seats inside the cab of the trunk to the mothers with small children and road with the rest of the kids in the truck bed. This is a video from our ride:

The monkey. One of our favorite things to photograph...besides the kids
When we got there, we had way more kids than we had expected. Because tomorrow is Election day so everyone was coming in from the mountains to vote. So we were able to meet more kids. Hallelujah! We had a lot of fun with them. We sang songs, told our childrens story, colored pictures and played a game. Here is a video of them preparing for the game we played:

We couldn't get it to if you'd like to watch the video of the game just follow the link. Sorry for the inconvenience.

At the end, we rewarded them with ice candy (which is a Filipino FAVORITE! Its coconut, condensed milk, evaporated milk and water and then you put it into little baggies and freeze it. They LOVE it!)

Click on pictures to enlarge.

On our way back home, after dropping off the family, we decided to take a detour and walk around by the mountains to take some GORGEOUS sunset pictures. Maganda, maganda! Till next time…

~Me and Her


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Amazing stuff guys!!!!! So excited to see God blessing you with such neat growing experiences. The gecko was too funny!!! Love you lots!

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