Monday, October 18, 2010

We're Okay.

Just want all inquiring minds to know that, "We are OK" 

This morning we woke up to messages from friends and family wondering "If we were ok and if the monstrous typhoon had hit us hard." We looked out the window to a bright, sunny morning and were a bit confused. We were able to look it up on the internet and found that Typhoon Juan (as it is being called over here) is moving through the northern islands of the Philippines and is continuing on north. Palawan is located in the Southern portion. So we are merely on the outskirts of the storm. We have enjoyed some rain today, but that is all. A little rain never hurt nobody. lol. 
But yes, just want everyone to know, God has kept his watchful eye over us and we are perfectly fine. Please continue to pray for missionaries in the northern part of the Philippines as they may be experiencing some intense weather conditions. Thanks for your love and prayers!!

~Me and Her


Brian Castellanos said...

I'm glad you guys are safe and we will keep praying :)

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