Monday, October 4, 2010

The Girls in the Little Pink House &hearts

Another good day here in the Philippines, but nothing seemed to be blog-worthy. And as we sat in our house trying to think of something to blog about we realized, "Helllloooo! We're in the Philippines!!!" Everything is blog-worthy! The culture, the nature, the people, the FOOD! It's all a new and interesting adventure! So we have decided that if the events of our day are not necessarily blog worthy, we will share with you some interesting things we've learned about this place and some of the things we've had to adapt to while living here.

We have received alot of questions regarding where we live here in the Philippines. So we have decided to make this post about our house. The house will live in is completely Pink, inside and out. It consists of a small kitchen and a bedroom. There is also an upstairs attic area which is currently occupied by a rat or mouse of some sort (eek! lol) Wendy told us to treat this house like our own personal dollhouse. lol. Its quite small but it is the perfect size for us and we have enjoyed making it feel like home. 

Our self-made shelf unit  of suitcases.
Our dresser/bathroom cabinet/shelf

To get to the bathroom you have to step out the back door and its a separate room. Here is a video we recorded describing how showering is done here in the Philippines (don't worry it is completely modest, lol)

Our kitchen in very small, so cooking is always an adventure. We have a limited supply of dishes. So elaborate cooking usually involves having to dirty every dish in the house. We also have to keep our small house VERY tidy because a dirty dish left out for more than 45 min. will attract ants, lizards, and other indescribable insects. So we keep a very clean house :)

Our kitchen table.

We live in a very "colorful" neighborhood. The cool part is this entire apartment complex (which btw is owned by the chief of police, Bing Barroma. So this area is pretty popular and fairly safe) is occupied by missionaries. Fellow missionaries Michiel and Andrew live in the Blue and Yellow house. So whenever we feel lonely (or hungry for that matter, lol) we can always go hang out at Michiel's.

If there is anything you want to know about our lives in the Philippines just let us know and we will try and do a blog about it. But otherwise we will keep you posted with our many adventures as God unfolds them. Till then...

~Me and Her


Jessica said...

GOOOOOD blog. I love your shower video. If only MY toilet were as hi-tech as yours...sigh. Mine has a handle that flushes it. :/

Mariel Torres said...

oh my gosh! watching the video was a perfect way to start my day... you made me laugh so much bestie!
btw, the title for this post would make a perfect blog name ;).

i love you!

Brandan said...

Hahah those pervy lizards lol.

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