Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ohhh to be a kid again....

School boys go crazy to have their
picture taken!
Screaming, laughing, and striking a

The weekend is over...and it was our first successful weekend in Brookes point. On Friday, we watched a parade of high schoolers, all dressed in their nice uniforms and marching in such nice formations....until of course they saw Allison with a camera, then they were all grouped up and posing. It was hilarious but we felt bad. That night, we were able to do something out of the ordinary. We went to the Hot Springs. It's a beautiful waterfall and then some pools that collect hot water from a natural hot spring (aka Sulfur galore!) Sam was the only one brave enough to swim.
Should I do it?
So close, yet so far away.
Sam chilling in the Hot Spring pool.
Then cooling off in the river.
Then came Saturday. Church was great. We were in the project van on our way to a village...Literally in the 20 min drive the 6.5 of us planned out a church service. It went over very well. ...We call it "Church in a can".
Click on pictures to enlarge.
"I've got love like an ocean..."
Sam teaches the kids about Diarrhea.
These little boys were trying to play
"tag" with Allison's camera.
These girls giggle at some of the
illustrations in Sam's presentation.
They would run up and wait for her
to try and take a picture and then
they would run, giggling and screaming
along the way.
After Sabbath lunch we went to another village to do a childrens program...(another "winging it" opportunity) In every village the children are always the same, AMAZED by us...I dont know if its our blue eyes or white skin or our long American noses, but whenever we step out of the van the children just stop...teehee...We're getting use to it now... We were brought back to the good ole grade school and VBS days as we sang Do Lord and Peace Like a River. After the children story, Sam gave a health lecture. While Sam was busy with that Allison wanted to take pictures..Another thing with the Palawano children is if they see a camera then they are HOOKED to you. So while Sam was trying to teach the people about Diarrhea, Allison was causing a nuisance outside with some children who were trying SOoo desperately to get her attention. We feel it is our one way to really get on the kids good side.
The mountains on the island ARE SOOooo BIG and Gorgeous, they make you feel so small...Everyday we exclaim praises on the beauty that God has provided for us.
Click on pictures to enlarge.
Things we've learned:
1. We get to act like toddlers again, With learning this new language we find ourselves being proud at showing people we are learning the language. ANG ASO! (Sam points at dog) Everybody else just gives a supportive "Good job" when all Sam has done was say The Dog....
2. The horn on the truck is another language in itself here.
3. Philippines is the texting capital of the world. (people will have no electricity, running water, transportation, lives up in the boondocks....But they still will have a cellphone and can text faster than i can talk
4. Boondocks is a filipino word
5. DONT ride a motorcycle with a skirt...People look at us enough as it is....geesh...
6. Filipino's can't say the letter "F" (he, he)

We are loving it here...We are working with other great missionaries and we've had many laughs and memories in these first 2 weeks...We miss our great friends/family at home. God is great.

~Me and Her


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love the blog keep em coming

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That diarrhea picture is awesome! You should totally frame it and hang it on your wall when you get back :)

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