Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A picture is worth 1,000 words...

Today we met a man. This is how the conversation went:
Allison: Hi, my name is Allison.
Man: Hi, my name is Joking.
Allison: Are you kidding???
Man: No, that is my brother.

lol. That is our Filipino joke, told to us by a real Filipino. We don't have alot to we will let some pictures do the talking.

We never thought we could go without cheese.
This, my friends, is a FULLY vegan pizza.
Sam and Baby Haddie, she is the daughter of one of the fellow missionaries.
Click on pictures to enlarge
Click on pictures to enlarge
Allison gets her first experience riding a caribou. We see kids as young as 5 riding and driving these things.
To the naked eye this would seem like a very sad picture.
The little girls crowd around the computer.

Us on our way to the market with Nini, our favorite!
~Me and Her


Mariel Torres said...

i love them all! but especially that last one... too cute!

Brandan said...

Haah I love that picture of the girl on the couch lol. So emo :)

Brian Castellanos said...

I love that couch picture too! I just love how everything about the picture draws you to the girl. It looks like a mag picture :) Well done. I love the Greens too!

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