Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Magandang Umaga

Magandang Umaga (Good Morning) ...okay, so it may not be morning here now...but, it's morning somewhere so it works! Its the only tagalog greeting we know right now, so it'll have to do. ;)

First of all, I would like to say GO PACK GO! Today we woke up at 5am (yes, the jet lag is slowly wearing off) so we spent the remainder of our morning updating the Yahoo! Sports page and watching our Packers become 1-0. GO PACK GO!
Watching our team win!
Anyways,  today we got to experience the market in Brooks Point. Every Monday is market day and everyone comes with their produce, their crafts, and their dead animals (eew!) to sell. There were ALOT of people. Wendy said it is one of their biggest days for patients to stop by because literally EVERYONE is in town for market. It was an interesting experience, got to hear the Filipino pickup line (Hellllooo! Where you come from?) and took lots of pictures.
Fresh bananas at the market!
Three very ALIVE chickens tied together.
Lol, these guys saw the camera and were
begging to have their picture taken.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

In the afternoon we went to visit a patient with a 3rd degree burn on her foot. While there Sam and Wendy also learned that the woman was living with leprosy (wow! thought that only existed in Bible times) She was really embarrassed of it though, which is why she did not seek medical attention for her foot in the first place. The woman was obviously living in alot of pain and had made a comment to the Bible teacher that she wanted to kill herself if she did not get better. But she would not go to a doctor because she was so embarrassed of her illness. So, Sam and Wendy finished caring for her foot and then we listened as the teacher did a very nice Bible study with the whole family. Afterwards, Wendy was able to convince the woman to go to the hospital tomorrow so that she could cure her illnesses. So that was a definite answer to prayer.
Till next time...

~Me and Her
Click on pictures to enlarge.
Lol, these kids we SOO shy. They
wouldn't even smile for us.
Dressing the woman's wounds.


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