Sunday, September 12, 2010

Brooks Point, Palawan, Philippines

Well we ended up staying in Puerto Princesa Friday night and Saturday. It was nice to go to church in the city. We met alot of new people and after church they invited us for potluck. That was basically our  first crash course in Filipino food. :) It was pretty good too...
Sunday morning we awoke bright and early to begin the 4 hour, BUMPY ride up to Brooks Point. Upon arriving we first met our new home. Its Pink :) Wendy said to treat it like a little playhouse. lol. We met our neighbors...(they live in the yellow, blue, and green apartments) We hung our first picture on the wall met the fellow missionaries that we will be spending the next 8 months with, and at some more different (but amazing) food. Since we both have been experiencing quite a bit of Jet Lag and keep waking up at 3am ON THE DOT, we decided to fight our urge to take a nap and go visit the project. We spent the afternoon organizing medicines and enjoying/getting use to the wildlife all the while getting to know our new friends. After returning home we ate, while almost falling asleep on our plates, and then headed to bed at 8:30pm (WE FEEL SO OLD) With Tomorrow comes a new and exciting adventure. Till Then...

~Me and Her

First picture we hung on our wall.
Kids "spider-fighting" Eew!

Cat getting ready to attack a skunk.

**Praise God Moment: We have exactly one electricity outlet in our room.  But luckily we were "smart" and brought a very nice Electric Strip with a built in Surge Protector. Here's how it went:
Allison: Can you plug in my computer? I'm too scared.
Sam: Just plug in the Electric Strip thingy.
Allison: [grabs Electric Strip thingy gets next to the outlet] No, i don't want to. You do it.
Sam: Fiiiinnnneeee. [grabs strip, forces in it outlet, turns to Ally on the bed and says satisfactorily] There.
[Turns on Strip and BOOM!!!!!! Sparks fly everywhere! Sam screams, while Allison looks completely shocked (ha ha, no pun intended)]
Apparently the watts needed to run the strip was just more than the outlet could handle. Lesson learned. Thankfully it was learned without anyone getting hurt (the only damage done was a burn mark on a pair of Allison's pants from the strip), losing electricity on the whole block, and amazingly the one outlet still works. However, we do believe the Electric Strip is dead....sorry Mom.....and that has been the Praise God Moment for today**

Stupid Electric Strip thingy
The only damage done.


Brandan said...

Awesome first blog :) I'm going to be checking this all the time. Miss ya.

Brandan said...

oh and it makes me so happy to see the pic up on your wall :)

Jessica said...

Hahaha! That's an awesome Praise God moment! Can't wait to hear the others. :)

Mariel Torres said...

I LOVE this post! i am so proud of you, babe, for doing this. i'm praying for you!
btw, i'm extremely happy that you got a blog bestie ;).
i LOVE you!

Brian Castellanos said...

Yeah!!! You have now passed your initiation on electrical outlets in third world/220 countries :) I miss you guys and can't wait to hear more.

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