Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Andrew and Michel's Wedding&hearts

After saying goodbye to Katie, we went to the Guptills' home at AIIAS and waited to meet up with Wendy and Dwayne. Then the 6 of us caught a flight to Mindanao to attend the wedding of Andrew and Michel on Friday, February 25. The wedding was held at Mountain View College, which is an Adventist College. The Campus was gorgeous! It was the perfect place to have a wedding. We were excited to go and support Andrew and Michel but we were most excited about seeing Nini again! It was a heart-warming reunion being together again and we were so happy. She is such a special little girl!
We were also very excited because we both took part in the wedding; Sam as Maid of Honor and Allison as photographer. It was a beautiful wedding. Some interesting parts were: after the kiss the couple releases butterflies and both parents walk the bride down the aisle and Michel (being the amazing woman she is) made her own wedding dress as well as all the flower girls' dresses. After the wedding there was a reception held at a family friends' home. We ate really good food and listened to fun stories about the couple and helpful tips and advice for their road ahead.
Here are the wedding pictures. Allison was very excited to photograph her first wedding (and the fact that she wasn't being paid for it made her WAY less nervous) Though she had some obstacles (It was an outdoor wedding beginning early in the morning. So lighting and shadows were a constant struggle) she was very excited for the opportunity and had alot of fun. Enjoy!
We spent the weekend at MVC, enjoying fellowship with our missionary family and the beautiful nature around the campus. On Sunday we flew back to Manila and Monday morning Wendy and us flew back to Palawan. It was so nice to finally be home. We had been on the road for 2 weeks and it felt good to unpack and relax. But the relaxing wouldn't last for too long. The next couple weeks would bring with them LONG days and busy schedules. Bring it on!

~Me and Her


Mariel Torres said...

i LOVE it! the colors stand out like crazy, the little girls are absolutely adorable and the weather was gorgeous. great job bestie! i would have you be my photographer one day but you'll be too busy being my MOH ;). i love you!

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