Sunday, January 23, 2011

Uncle David comes for a visit!!

The days that followed New Years were a blur. We were SOO excited to hear that on the 11th, Wendy and Dwayne were coming to Palawan for a visit (since they have been working on starting their new project in Northern Luzon) and they were also bringing David Gates, the president of GMI.
Andrey made a swing for the backyard
Since we were receiving guests we all pulled together to make the Project look its absolute best. So we spent alot of time helping out with that.

I don't know it Haddie is helping or hindering....but she looks TOO cute doing it!
Also Sam was determined to master her breadmaking skills, and finally after only 2 failed attempts. Sam made the perfect loaves of bread. They were light, fluffy and tasted amazing. She was so proud!
Allison spent her time finishing up her first P.A.M.A.S. video. She wanted to have something nice to show Wendy and Dwayne when they came to the project. Due to a camera malfunction, this first video had taken longer than expected. She had originally brought her Canon video camera and had used that for the first 2 months of our stay in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the camera had decided that it did not like the humidity that the Philippines had to offer and without warning decided to die. With the camera dead, she couldn't take any video off of the tapes she had recorded on and was ultimately left with no footage. So she decided to use Sam's Nikon Coolpix point-and-shoot camera (which she received as a graduation present from our Gpa) to start filming with. In the end, the footage taken from this little Nikon was WAY better quality than her Canon video camera. (PRAISE THE LORD!) So she was able to collect a lot of good footage once again and put together her video. This is the finished product:

Allison was very proud of it. Wendy and Dwayne like it as well and David Gates was impressed with it. Impressed enough to put a call into HCBN (which is the Adventist Hope Network in the Philippines) and ask them to have her come down for a week or two so that she could help them out in anyway possible. So that was very exciting.
Before coming to visit us, David Gates was in Indonesia and had received a donation. He decided to use that donation to buy our project a satellite dish so that we could watch HCBN and also transmit HCBN to all our surrounding neighbors. What a blessing!!

After sitting around talking and then eating supper, we decided to go up onto the roof of Danny and Rovelyn's house and have worship. The stars were gorgeous and it was a lot of fun to worship our Creator while under the beautiful night sky.
David showing everyone his video camera. Put that on Allison's wish list!!
P.A.M.A.S. team with Uncle David in front of the helicopter
The boys putting the helicopter to bed for the night
The next morning Uncle David and Dwayne headed out, which was really sad because they had just gotten here. But luckily, we get to keep Wendy for the next couple weeks. No doubt, she has some adventures up her sleeve for us to take part in. Till then...

~Me and Her


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