Monday, January 24, 2011

Feeding souls...and stomachs

So right after being visited by David Gates on the 11th, we had another lovely visitor that joined us for a couple of days. Her name was Charinette and she is a Filipino-American nurse from California. It was so wonderful because we met her at PYC back in December, she was one of the workshop speakers. So we were excited for her to come visit us in Palawan.
So on Wednesday, when she arrived, we toured her around Brookes Point and took her to the Project. While she was here she told us of her family friends in the next town up that have a 'Feeding Program' ministry. Every Tues, Wed, & Thurs they go to the elementary or high schools in their area to talk about certain topics, give bible studies, and then at the end they give every kid some nutritious food. Charinette wanted us (the P.A.M.A.S team) to join so we could see their project. So we agreed and told them we'd meet them there.
We thought this kid's shirt was adorable
At 3 pm Rovelyn and Jam, Wendy and Roy, and Us set out on a convoy of motorcycles. Charinette told us to head to the Elementary School and she would meet us there. When we got there we met some of the local church leaders who are in charge of this project.

Then Charinette came and told us that today was the day when they go to the Maasin Highschool. So we got back on our bikes and headed to the High School. Charinette road with Jam and Rovelyn, and since she was wearing a skirt she rode side saddle; officially making her our hero, lol.
When we arrived we were greeted by some of the teachers and the principle, and other members of the Feeding Program group. Charinette had planned to give a discussion on "pure relationships" to the 4th year students at the school. As she got ready for that, some of the teachers were coming up to the rest of us and asking if we'd like to give a lecture to the other classes. At first we thought they were joking. But they kept asking, so then we started replying with "Oh, no thank you. Maybe next week." Then after more asking and then eventually pulling they got us to go to a room. They even seperated us. Ally helped out Charinette with the 4th years. Sam was pulled into the room with the 3rd years. And Wendy, Jam, and Rovelyn were talking to the 2nd year students. Taking a deep breath before walking into the room Sam prayed that God would give her something to talk about with these students for an hour. The first thing that popped in her head was NEWSTART, and so she went with it. It was very interactive and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Wendy, Jam, and Rovelyn basically did like a Q&A time. The kids asked them so many questions from "how to do better in school?" to "Can you sing the American National Anthem for us?" All in all our topics all seemed to keep the kids interested :) 
Afterwards, we all came together in one room and taught them some songs from our children's programs. It was such a fun experience. At the end of each of our talks the church group handed out Pancit with vegetables to all of the kids.
After school the marching bands go to the basketball court for practice. These marching bands only consist of drums, xylophones, and a color guard/dance team. But don't be fooled, these kids play everything from the Philippine National Anthem, to JLo, to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. After watching for awhile Jam gave his best attempt at being a color guard member. lol

Each classroom had a name. This classroom just happened to be named Wisconsin.  LOVE IT!!
 It was really great to be apart of this local church mission, and we're planning on working with them in the future. Till then...

~Me and Her


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