Monday, January 3, 2011

Andrew "The Ninja" Hahn

Andrew is originally from Florida and joined P.A.M.A.S in 2009, although he was returning from a 1 month home visit when we got here. So we've enjoyed having to all travel to Puerto to get our Visa's renewed. His daughter, Monica, also came with him. She has also become a good friend while we've been here.

His job title...well, pretty much everything. He was constantly working on something different at the project, whether it be the rice field, the vehicles, construction. Pretty much whatever needs to be done, Andrew's your man. He got his nickname, "The Ninja" from a time when he was helping to build a house. He had grabbed 2 cinder blocks from the truck and was bringing them over to the building site when they all of a sudden crumbled right in his hands (Filipino cinder blocks are not as sturdily made as in the states) So, it was a joke ever since, that Andrew could crush cinder blocks with his eyes and receiving the nickname "Ninja". He is a very hard worker. When the rice field was starting out, he woke up at the crack of dawn to go weed the rice fields and would stay there working on them till the sun began to set.
He was especially helpful when it came to getting Visa's taken care of and transportation. He even bought snacks for our children's program a couple times.

Andrew was a fun person to talk to, especially when it came to religious topics. He's very passionate about being a missionary and working for God. He was alot of fun to have around and we will miss him tremendously.

~Me and Her


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