Saturday, December 11, 2010

El Nido, Burrito!!

El Nido is located on the Northeastern side of Palawan. It is the more tourist-y side of the island and we've heard nothing but AMAZING things about it since we've been here. So when Michel and Andrew decided that they were gonna go and asked if we wanted to tag along we could only think of one answer, TOTALLY!!
So early Sunday morning, our crew loaded up the truck. Our crew consisted of Andrew, Michel, Nini, Rico and Us. However, the road to El Nido passes through Puerto. So Rovalyn, Haddie, and the Nanny asked if they could ride along and be dropped off in Puerto. Adding the extra 3 put our numbers passed the truck cab capacity. Some would see this as a downfall, but not the Hanaway sisters!

On the island of Palawan there is really only 1 traffic law. The driver of a motorcycle HAS to wear a helmet. Speed Limits, Seat Belts, Texting and Driving. Doesn't Matter. As long as motorcycle drivers wear helmets, the world is at peace. So Andrew decided to use these traffic laws and our ability to fall asleep anywhere, to his advantage. Translation: We rode in the truck bed. It was no easy task. All the luggage had to be organized, just right, to fit it all along the perimeter of the bed and then we put a camping mattress pad, our green blanket and our pillows in the center and we made a comfy seat for 2.
We slept most of the way to Puerto, only having to stop and pull the tarp over us, to escape rain, once. Overall we were extremely comfortable in the back. So when we stopped in Puerto and dropped off Rovalyn, Haddie, and the Nanny, we decided to stay back there.

The 2 of us fit snuggly and perfectly in the center of all the luggage. So when our favorite 7-year old, Nini, wanted to ride in the back with us, we realized there was only one thing we could do....cram together to make room!
Nini definitely made the trip more memorable. After we started driving and we were still getting all situated, Sam asked Nini if she was comfy. "What is this comfy?" Nini asked. So we spent the next 20 min trying to explaining to her what it means to be comfortable (we pretty much settled on 'No pain anywhere') then we'd drive a little more and Sam would ask again, "Nini, are you comfy?" and again we would get, "What is this comfy?" lol.
Another highlight was when Nini was having a "conversation" with the vehicle driving behind us. "Truck! What are you doing, truck? You go this way, you go that way. Truck! What are you doing?" this went on for a good half hour. We love that girl! She never fails to make us smile. :)
Beautiful view! Much to beautiful for a gas station
Sadly, for us, we didn't add up: Riding outside the truck all day + white girls not wearing we got some pretty interesting tan lines. Overall we were in the car for 10 hours (4 hours to Puerto, 6 hours to El Nido) Finally we were there!
We found a nice hotel, near to the beach, and started to unload our luggage. We were SOO excited to see that they had water heaters in the bathrooms! So we were able to take our FIRST warm shower since we left home in September. It was Amazing!
After we got ready for bed, we decided to watch the movie, Finding Nemo. It seemed fitting seeing as to we were gonna spend tomorrow in the ocean. It was Nini's first time seeing the movie and she LOVED it. She kept referring to it as "the ista mobie" (Ista means fish and Mobie because they don't say their V's over here) She really enjoyed it.
After the "mobie", we all went to bed. Now even more excited for the adventures that tomorrow would bring! Till then...

~Me and Her


Lisa Mae said...

I seriously love the title you come up with for these posts!

Wendy said...

Yay! So glad you got to go to El Nido! You guys are the greatest--never a complaint--all "hardships" to anyone else are a joy and an adventure to you :) Praise God for you both and your great attitudes!

jerry said...

I am so completely proud of you. I agree with wendy, your wonderful outlook on life and your experiences are truly refreshing.

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