Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Climb every mountain, Cross every stream..."

We woke up the next morning to the lovely sound of rain falling. Exactly what everyone wants to hear when they're suppose to hike out of the mountains.....NOT! To make it all better, it was a steady drizzle (which we've learned in the Philippines if its a heavy down pour it will be over in about 10 minutes. When its could go all day...Joy...) We were not very excited to hike out in the rain but we packed up our stuff, said our goodbyes and headed out.
The rain subsided by the time we got to the village of Noog. However, the trails were wet and covered with mud. We tried to make the best of it.
This hut was built on the top of the mountain

At the 1/4 mark on our way out of the mountain.

Group pic at the river.
Since we hiked in (almost) the same attire as the day before we weren't worried about getting our clothes/shoes wet or muddy. It was definitely easier because we didn't have to find alternate routes around mud puddles or the river. We just trudged along.
The half-way point. Seriously, this view makes the whole hike worth it. 

Beginning our very steep
3/4 view. Almost there!
When we were 3/4 of the way done our legs HATED us. Walking became extremely difficult. We had to try and walk with our legs pin-straight because our knees were so tired that if we bent them there was the chance that they were going to give out on us. "I feel like a retarded horse." was the only explanation Allison could give to describe the way her legs felt.

We were excited to see 2 shirts from places we recognized. Made us feel
like  home was so much closer.
In the end we made it out of the mountains in 3 hours, again. Woohoo! We are average! This time around Sam fell twice and Allison fell 3 times, scraping her arm. (No big, Souvenir!)

Sam tried her hand at documenting once again and filmed parts of our climb down the mountain:

Waiting at a hut in Bingby-land for our ride.
FINALLY!! We're finished! Its such an exciting feeling to have accomplished such a task as climbing a mountain. We came back a little muddier than when we had left but that was all part of the fun. Now comes the question everyone's wondering, "Would you do it again?" Answer: Oh yeah! Just give us a day or so to sleep ;)
Till then...

~Me and Her


Wendy said...

Memories. . .that's all I can say. You guys did great. Looks like you got all right experiences--muddy trail home and all. Now you can appreciate the helicopter much more!

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