Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Day in Honda Bay!

After our amazing day in El Nido, we packed up the truck and headed out. Of course, not without stopping to get some souvenirs. We both wanted to buy t-shirts and after Nini saw a shirt with "her Nemos" on it she had to get one too. :)
Nini with her Nemo's

In the souvenir shop we saw some VERY
familiar products being sold...hmm..
I wonder if V.S. knows about

When we had our souvenirs, we jumped in the truck and started the 6 hour, bumpy, swervy road to Puerto. We got there around 4pm and checked into our hotel. By this time we hadn't had internet for almost 4 days (*gasp* Aye na ako! The horror! lol), so we took a tricycle into town and found a cute little bakeshop that had free WI-FI and iced coffee. We were really excited, it was the first time we'd had any form of coffee since leaving the states. So needless to say, it was AMAZING. We also got to talk to our family, which was also AMAZING. We stayed there till the bakeshop closed and then went back to the hotel and went to bed.
Allison with her Iced Turtle Mocha. Yum!!
The next morning we ate breakfast and planned our day. About 15 minutes north of Puerto is an amazing snorkel/scuba diving place called Honda Bay. Michel had been there before and said that there was a beautiful beach and that we needed to go. So that settled it. We loaded up into the truck and headed to Honda Bay.
Nini wanted Jollibee chicken for breakfast. We thought it was really cool because instead of serving french fries with chicken, like in the states, here they serve rice as the side! (Lol, Oh, those Asians and their rice.) So we had to take a picture.

Michel knew her way around the area pretty well. So she was able to get us a boat and snorkel gear for a good price in no time. And just like that, we were off once again.
Sam and Nini pose for a picture before loading the boat.
There are many Island stops in Honda bay, unfortunately you have to pay for every stop. Michel said that though all the islands were picturesque, Snake Island had the best beach and sea life. So we just went to Snake Island (However, we had to pass some of the other islands to get to Snake Island. So we were able to take plenty of amazing pictures anyways!)
Nini didn't like all the long boat rides very much. :/

As usual, Michel was definitely right! Snake Island was BEAUTIFUL. Contrary to popular belief (well, Allison's anyways) the Island did not get its name because it was covered with slimy, slithering, nasty snakes. It's actually because the island is very thin and curves around, looking almost like (you guessed it) a snake. Upon arriving, we didn't waste anytime. We found a shelter for our food (they had these cute individual huts that people could use to eat under) and then headed into the water. It was so cool, if you went out about 15 ft. from the shore you came to this insane drop-off. We couldn't even see the bottom. (So in all the photos, where the water turns from light blue to dark blue is where the drop off begins. Gorgeous!)
Sam misses her car!
One of the first things we noticed about this island is there were sand dollars EVERYWHERE.  Sooo Cool!
Sadly, Andrew used up his camera battery taking pictures in El Nido and forgot to bring his charger. So we weren't able to take underwater pictures at Honda Bay. Which was a total shame because the sea life here was incredible. Just as beautiful as El Nido, but it seemed there were more varieties of fish. We saw a couple swordfish, some more Nemo's, and these white fish with a pink stripe that were incredibly territorial. They would literally swim right up in your face and then charge at you (as if to bite you) but they were small, overall harmless. Then we saw this starfish. It was really weird looking so we had to remove it from its natural habitat just so we could take a picture of it. But don't worry, we were sure to return it when the photo shoot was complete. :)
Allison returns Mr. Starfish to his home in the Big Blue.

We enjoyed another lunch of bread, fruit, rice, and chips. Michel brought some juice, however we forgot to bring glasses. So she had the brilliant idea of turning our empty chip bags into "glasses". It worked perfectly. Seriously, this woman is our hero. Where does she get these unique, yet extremely easy to accomplish ideas??

We probably could've swam all day. But 2 days out in the sun without sunscreen had finally gotten to us and we were getting a little crispy. So after spending 6 hours on Snake Island, we called it a day. 

Again, sorry for so little commentary. We hope the pictures spoke enough for us. The scenery and sights were just too gorgeous to possibly sum up in the ramblings of two 20(something)year olds
The next morning we headed back to Brookes Point. It will be nice to finally be home for a couple days so we can get important things But our vacation was amazing! Definitely something we'll remember for years to come. For now we'll just chill at home, until of course our next adventure begins! Till then...

~Me and Her


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