Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"K'loaf, Rice and Cliffs" One of these things is not like the other...

Friday was a fairly lazy day. We have to admit, lazy days are nice once in awhile. In the morning we had a little girl and her mother stop by. A couple weeks ago, the little girl had been playing and fell and cut up her leg quite a bit. It had already become infected. So Sam pulled out her #1 weapon: Charcoal. 

Another advantage of Charcoal (besides the obvious healing benefits) is that it is a painless healing option. You would think with the wounds that these children show up with, they would be fearless when it comes to pain, but they still whimper and cling to their parent whenever Sam comes near to care for their injuries. This little girl was no different, but once the charcoal was put on and she realized there was nothing to worry about, she began to relax and gave us a smile or two.
We spent the day accomplishing little tasks and preparing for Sabbath. We decided to experiment and made Special-K loaf for Sabbath lunch. We supplemented tofu for the cottage cheese, we couldn't really even taste a difference.
This is a Filipino mixing bowl.....spelling obviously isn't their

Andrew came back from the project with a truck full of rice sacks to store in his apartment. These sacks weigh 50 kilos (110 lbs) and there were over 10 of them. Allison and Monica felt bad watching Andrew carry them all by himself, so they decided to team up and help him out. 

For Sabbath we attended the L.I.G.H.T. School graduation ceremony. The L.I.G.H.T. school is a program that teaches people how to become medical missionaries. Three of our fellow missionaries had been teaching at the school so the entire PAMAS group went for the graduation Sabbath.
Haddie fell asleep. So Danny decided to get a workout in. lol.
"Hey Danny! How much can you bench press?"
"Two babies!"

Afterwards we went down to the river. It was gorgeous, the water was SOO clear. So we spent the afternoon swimming. The water was refreshing on such a hot day.
Nini leads us to the river.
The kids are lucky. All they have to do is strip
down to their underwear. Wala! Swimsuit!
Nini wanted a picture with her head in the water.

After just floating around leisurely, we followed all the guys to a little cliff down the river a little bit. Along the very shallow river, there was ONE small section where it was deep enough to jump from the cliff. After seeing a couple kids and fellow missionaries make the jump we decided to try it out. It was EXTREMELY nerve racking because there was only one spot where it was safe to jump and if you missed that would hurt a little...after strong encouragement and a quick prayer of safety we made the jump. It was crazy and fun all at the same time. As Allison put it, "There's nothing like the total exhilaration of doing something completely stupid." lol. Here is a video of our jump:

Afterwards we were all given.....which is another Filipino treat. It looked weird but tasted awesome.
Sunday was suppose to be our Children's Program. It wasn't until we were getting ready to leave that we roads are really quiet right now. There were NO cars, NO tricycles, NO people. It was like the twilight zone. We soon found out that Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino boxer and icon to almost ALL Filipinos, was fighting in the WBC light-middleweight title against Mexico's Antonio Margarito. We drove to Imunlod but there was no one to be found. If anything, I would compare it to Super Bowl Sunday in America. If you're not in front of your own T.V., you're in front of someone elses. We were sad not to be able to do our program but we completely understood ( I mean, hey, if the Packers make it to the Superbowl don't expect us to leave our computer screens for a second. lol, just kidding ;)  ) Oh btw, he won. Pacquiao won his eighth different belt. Yay for the Philippines!
Till next time...

~Me and Her


jerry said...

you should not scare your parents like this.... I have not obtained a passport yet. We are so proud of you. Praying for yor safety.

Lisa Mae said...

Love the video!! I had to watch it without sound (cuz I'm at work) but I didn't really need it because I could hear you guys perfectly in my head :D

Allan The Bard said...

the packers are going to the superbowl. they are my preseason pick.

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