Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hitchin' a ride

This past weekend was Fellowship Sabbath. Its hard to believe a month has already past for us. As some of you may remember, Fellowship Sabbath is where all the Adventists churches in surrounding village come together and since nobody has vehicles it is our job to pick everyone up. So we spent the entire week before Fellowship Sabbath building a trailer. Now, the project had a trailer but it was so rusted and the boards were so water logged and termite infested that we decided to renovate it.

 It took us all week to get the trailer back to full strength.

Sam with her flowers.
Sam being honored for Oct. birthdays
Fellowship Sabbath was a lot of fun. Every month they have the people who celebrated the birthday or anniversary in the past month stand up front and we all  sing to them and the kids give everyone flowers. Since Sam celebrated her birthday in October she was honored with everyone else. 

After the service, we stayed for the Potluck (which if you remember, is where everyone brings food for their own families and if anyone has extras they share with other people) We brought plenty of food….however, we forgot plates. So we ended up using the lids of our pots as plates. (Hey! Less dishes to do later)

Till next time…

Kids helping us better learn Tagalog
~Me and Her


Mariel Torres said...

wow! that trailer looks almost store-bought! btw, your blog looks beautiful... i LOVE the new look babe!

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